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Castro1021 updates fans after high-speed car crash caught live on Twitch stream

Streamer Edwin “Castro 1021” During an IRL feed in Qatar, Castro caught a huge automobile crash on tape, leaving viewers puzzled as to what transpired.

Twitch streamers are sometimes a little more receptive to incidental background noise when they conduct their streams outside. While some of these have produced legendary Twitch highlights, others have been quickly forgotten.

Castro, a FIFA streamer, has been in Qatar for the World Cup, attending games and taking day trips throughout the city of Doha.

He’s already gone a bit viral on TikTok for his reaction to Robert Lewandowki’s penalty being saved against Mexico, but, during December 7 stream, he had a scary moment where he captured a car crash happening right in front of them.

Between the round of 16 and quarterfinals, when the World Cup had two days off, Castro took his IRL feed about Doha, stopping at a few sights and interacting with some fans in the wild.

He and his friends were riding in a taxi after the end of the program and were chatting in an upbeat manner. However, it quickly changed into a terrifying scene when a vehicle following them crashed and rolled directly in front of Castro’s vehicle.

The Twitch streamer repeatedly urged the driver to stop as the car rolled in front of them, wanting to bring calm to the situation.
It’s unclear what caused the other car to crash, especially as there didn’t appear to be any contact between them.

Castro confirmed that everyone came out of things unscathed, including the other driver and that the police had assisted with everything.

The original clips and parts of his stream where the crash happened have since been removed and the steamer hasn’t been live since it happened. Though, he may address things further when he does.

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